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Is designed to utilize a combination of different modalities to fit an athlete’s needs. Cycling, Swimming, Running & Weightlifting

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Is creating a Workout program that will help you achieve your goals. Weight loss, Better Health, or Increased Fitness ability.
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I’ve been a Swim instructor since 1989 teaching in California, Las Vegas, and Florida for 35 Years

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Strengthening your Financial Future is as important as Strengthening your Mind & Body I’m a Financial Professional as Well as a Trainer. Let’s build the strongest Foundation you can have. For more information call 407-496-0435

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About Us…

Hey there, I’m Ethan, and I want to share my incredible journey in the fitness and entertainment world with you. I’ve been fortunate to accumulate more than 25 years of experience in various fields, and it all started with my passion for dance.

Back in California, I was doing musical theater, singing, and dancing with a passion for dance and fitness. I started as a Personal Trainer and a Dance Instructor. As a Dance Instructor, I specialized in tap and jazz. While I loved teaching dance, I felt something was missing, both for myself and my students. That’s when I decided to dive into the world of aerobics and fitness, and I’ve been grateful for that decision ever since.

My journey has been diverse, covering everything from Insanity classes and Extreme Boot Camps to Cycling, Step, Body Sculpting, Senior group exercise, Body Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and even Aqua Aerobics. I’ve always strived to combine my love for dance with my passion for fitness, creating a unique and enjoyable fitness experience.

In addition to my Fitness journey, and pursuing my Musical Theater career, I open the door as a Stunt Performer in Pirates of Penzance in Santa Barbara. And becoming a Stuntman was the next logical step, which has been an incredible adventure. My performance skills and fitness background have allowed me to merge these two worlds, resulting in fun and fact-filled certifications.

Currently, I’m a Stunt Performer in Orlando, Florida, where I have the privilege of playing Captain Sebastian The Black at Pirates Dinner Adventure. It’s been an absolute blast!

I also had the opportunity to be part of my first fitness video in Las Vegas back in 1996 (No Excuses), and I’ve worked in various shows like Dueling Pirates Stunt Show and Excalibur in Las Vegas, Pirates Dinner Adventure, The 8th Voyage of Sindbad, and King Henry’s Feast.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked as an Aerobic Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at esteemed places like The YMCA, La Fitness, Orlando Fitness & Racquet Club, Hilton & after the Marriott resort and spa, The Waldorf Astoria as an On-Call Personal Fitness Trainer since 2011.

Today, I’m the proud owner of ERock Fitness, my very own fitness company. You can check out more information about my classes and upcoming certifications at 407-496-0435. I’d be thrilled to have you join me on this fitness journey.

In conclusion, my motto is simple: “Keeping America And Our Tourists Fit.” Where Failure Is Not An Option. It’s all about making the most of life and recognizing that “It’s my life, I’m worth it” Thanks for sharing in my journey, and I hope to see you soon!

I’ve volunteered at “Give Kids The World” since 2011 warming up the runners for their various fundraising events, 5K Gingerbread Run, Challenge of Hope, as well as the IAAPA 5K Fundraisers @ #GKTW “International Association Of Amusement Parks & Attractions”


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Improve our community connection, help all who want to improve their Fitness lifestyles, and of course, give back to the community as often as possible.


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